Date Issue Champion
09/14/2021 Too much crap to write. Multiple
05/16/2021 Changed PowerAIO from Free to Paid Multiple
05/13/2021 Added Exory Gwen Gwen
05/13/2021 Added Gwen Gwen
05/13/2021 Added Simple Evade Control Utility
05/13/2021 Added EvasioKatarina (Kornis Katarina) Katarina
05/13/2021 Fixed Dev Copy Paste Error Multiple
04/10/2021 Added SAAIO Samira
03/13/2021 Added HS Kassadin Kassadin
03/13/2021 Added HS Kog'Maw Kog'Maw
02/02/2021 Added PowerAIO Beta Champs Multiple
02/02/2021 Added XiAIO Viego Viego
02/02/2021 Added Viego Website
02/02/2021 Added Solo Annie Annie
02/02/2021 Added Solo AIO Ward Jump Utility
02/02/2021 Added Solo Leesin Addons Leesin
02/02/2021 Added XiAIO Yasuo Yasuo
02/02/2021 Added XiAIO Aatrox Aatrox
12/04/2020 Added Night's Teemo Teemo
12/04/2020 Added Shadow AIO Xin Zhao
12/04/2020 Change Shadow's Shaco to Shadow AIO Shaco
12/04/2020 Change XiAIO from free to paid XiAIO
12/04/2020 Added XiAIO Vi Vi
12/04/2020 Added XiAIO Udyr Udyr
12/01/2020 Added Nechrito Lucian Lucian
12/01/2020 Removed Olaf from IntAIO Olaf
12/01/2020 Changed ZenAIO to XiAIO XiAIO
12/01/2020 Removed Jhin from ZenAIO Jhin
12/01/2020 Added Xi Jhin Jhin
11/30/2020 AChanged color scheme to match Zenbot main site Website
11/30/2020 Added mobile support for some pages Website
11/26/2020 Added Shadow's Shaco Shaco
11/23/2020 Added Sneaky Lulu Lulu
11/21/2020 Added ZenAIO Fiora
11/20/2020 Added External Drawings Utility
11/20/2020 Added suite_Fiora Fiora
11/20/2020 Added EZ Stride Exploit Utility
11/18/2020 Added EZ Ward Dupe Utility
11/17/2020 Fixed forum links [/ic/ changed to /topic/] All
11/17/2020 Added Internal Blitzcrank
11/17/2020 Added Internal Braum
11/17/2020 Added Internal Hecarim
11/17/2020 Added Internal Nasus
11/17/2020 Added Internal Olaf
11/17/2020 Added Internal Samira
11/17/2020 Added Internal Twisted Fate